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On Black Pages


On Black Pages

Louis Lüthi
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Writer and designer Louis Lüthi has collected black pages from world literature and invites you to leaf through them in this ebook. In his distinctive writing style, Lüthi provides an overview of the black page in literature that is in equal parts meticulous and poetic.

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length: approximately 32 book pages / 45 minutes reading time (average speed)

cover pattern: Koos Breen

language: English, Dutch

Dutch translation: Miriam Rasch & Dirk Vis

price: The official price is zero (0) euro, but every amount you enter will be considered a donation to Stichting De Gids. No one really makes money off of this series, but from every incoming euro 50 cent will go to the author. The other 50 cent will be used to pay for the cover designer, typographer, webhost, webdeveloper, translator and editors. You can enter any amount you like. With the suggested amount of €3,99 – that won't even get you a grande cafe latte elsewhere – you will support the development of new titles in this series.

technical questions: webredactie@de-gids.nl

De Internet Gids Cahiers

The series De Internet Gids Cahiers is curated by guest editor Miriam Rasch, De Gids-editor Dirk Vis and the editorial board of De Internet Gids. Every title is a new, literary publication made in The Netherlands. Every work is about 40 pages long and can be read during a single train ride or while queuing at the airport. The possibilities of this new publication platform are being discovered both literarily and artistically. The concept of De Internet Gids Cahiers was developed by Dirk Vis with the support of the Dutch Literary Fund and specifically the Wanderlust program.